Dear Reader,

Welcome. Thank you for choosing to spend a little time reading my stories. 

I’ve been told I need to have a biography so you can figure out who I am. A wide eyed emoji would probably be appropriate here. But here goes anyway.

I’m a wife. I’ve been with the love of my life for almost thirty-five years, and he’s still my favorite person. For me, it’s easy to write about love, when you live it. We put each other first, always. He’s the one that encouraged me to put these love stories in my head onto paper. He’s also the one that celebrates with me whether I’ve written 50 words or fifty thousand. And I’m the one that makes him home cooked meals and fresh baked desserts because he’s so damned sweet. 

I’m the mom of four beautiful, smart, sassy ladies that I couldn’t be more proud of, even if I tried. And the mom of two precocious Jack Russell Terriers. 

I’m also a grandma. 

Being a mother is a wonderful thing. Being a grandma? Is freaking awesome!

Family isn’t always about blood. Family is about connection, about being part of something that feels right, lifts you up, tells you when you're wrong, and has your back when you need it. Sometimes, in order to be your authentic self and live in happiness, you have to build your own family.

“A smile doesn’t cost you anything.” (that’s from my daddy)

I truly believe these are some of the wisest words ever spoken to me. 

My motto is life is too short to wear ugly shoes. Think about that for a moment. I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading my stories as I do writing them. Welcome to my family.

In Joy,