“I'm just a witchy girl living in a fantasy world.”- Jaelle Keyes


Jaelle Keyes writes steamy, fantasy romance with dystopian or arcane punk flare. Slow burn destined mate stories, with lots of action, a bit of humor, magic, supernatural beings, feisty women who discover their true potential, and lasting happily ever afters are her jam.


Jaelle has been married to the love of her life, for almost thirty-five years, and he’s still her favorite person in the world. For Jaelle, it’s easy to write about love, when you live it. They put each other first, always. Her husband is the one that encouraged her to put the love stories in her head onto paper. He’s also the one that celebrates with her whether she's written fifty words or fifty thousand. She's the one that bakes him all his favorite treats because he’s just so damned sweet.